Make My Couple With Anyone – Reply Me SMS


Make My Couple With Anyone – Reply Me SMS Love is_______________? Life is________________? Family is _____________? Friendship is __________? Enjoyment is __________? Beauty is _____________? Music is ______________? Please Fill It And Send It Back To Me |================================| Today is Couple Day Make my couple with anyone of your own […]

Complete The Sentense: Ek Larki Sab Kuch – Challenge SMS


Complete The Sentense: Rearrange The Following – Challenge SMS Complete The Sentense Ek Larki Sab Kuch Bardasht Kar Sakti Hai Magar ____________________ K ( Write Your Answer in Comment Box) |===========================| English Message |===========================| Challenge For You Two Rearrange The Following Words Karnemd (Place) Laebaba (Bird) Sondelo (Food) Peoahygrg (Subject) […]

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