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Allow you to add Mobile Numbers of your Friends, Family Members or any Mobile Number of Pakistan in your contacts book (My Contacts).

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Your all contacts will be separate from another's account contacts. No-one can see or copy your contacts.
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Sms4Send.Pk is the biggest entry to send free sms to Pakistan, in addition, you can likewise get answers from your friends and family specifically on your PC's screen. Register yourself now and begin sending boundless sms to Pakistan without paying any single penny.

Why we Provide this Free SMS service for Pakistan?

I know many of you are wondering that why this free sms website is important and who are seeking this kind of service, people who are living outside the Pakistan always try to find free source of text messaging because sms prices in foreign countries are very high. Sms4Send has especially designed this fast free sms service for those who are living outside Pakistan, but Pakistani nationals can also send free sms by using this service. Moreover, SMS is becoming a fastest way of communication and every age group is using sms to communicate with others. If you want to send free sms of more than 1000 or 1100 characters then you must have a premium sms service and don’t worry that’s really affordable for every class.

Web2sms and free sms services from internet websites and also from Android/iOS apps is the future of communication because nobody want to waste their time and money on mobile phone cards because they can get these free services on their computer without even unlocking their phones.

Another reason of popularity of free sms portals is that inhabitants of Pakistan are required to pay more than 30% of taxes on every recharge of cards and they only get 70 rupees on recharge of rupees 100 worth card. Then why don’t we use these sms sending free services? Why wasting our money? So don’t do that from now and send free sms from Sms4Send.

Let me clear one thing that we don't use any illegal gateways to send SMS to mobile numbers, as Governments in every country are very serious about these kind of gateways. So, you can use our free SMS service without any problem because we're working 100% legal and ethical

Furthermore, we can provide this sms service free of cost without registration but we’re registering people for their own protection, so nobody can use this service without registration and also he/she must has to verify his/her identity before start using this service.

Yes, Sms4Send’s service is for everyone and anyone can send unlimited sms to Pakistan on any network and also we’re supporting sms on ported Sims and numbers. If you’ve any query regarding sending free sms from internet to mobile by using Sms4Send, you can use our contact us page for any kind of help.